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Target: Cheeks and Forehead

Wanted: Wrinkle Reduction

Whether they are just cropping up now or have been around for a while, wrinkles are primarily a result of decreased collagen and elastin, the protein fibers that keep our skin smooth and firm. As we age, we produce less and less of these precious fibers, and our supply is further compromised by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Also, our skin's ability to rebuild and protect itself diminishes over time. Mix in a lifetime of smiles, grimaces, and every other emotion, and it's easy to see why wrinkles are hard to smooth away.

Skin Saver: It's simple: To fight wrinkles, use sunscreen -- experts are unanimous on this point! Many skincare products, including foundations, have an SPF of at least 15, so this really isn't as time-consuming as it sounds (although SPF 30 is actually seen as de rigueur by many skin experts). Also, it's important to upgrade to a moisturizer formulated with collagen-boosting ingredients.

Wanted: That Pretty Glow

Skin dulls and roughens because it doesn't shed as quickly as it used to -- another result of aging. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, meanwhile, causes additional uneven pigmentation.

Skin Saver: First, remove that rough layer with an acid-based exfoliant; glycolic acid is still one of the best choices and is found in many skincare products. Second, make sure to include an antioxidant-rich product that will zap away free radicals, those annoying, age-promoting particles. Finally, lessen brown spots with skin brighteners.

Wanted: A Moisture Boost

Tight skin looks dry and feels uncomfortable. The culprit: the skin's diminished ability to hold and retain moisture, both from outside and within. Nearly every skin type becomes more dehydrated as it ages -- even oily complexions.

Skin Saver: A gentle cleanser will help preserve your skin's moisture levels. Also, look for hydrating serums that are chock-full of humectants and emollients. Rich, creamy moisturizers, meanwhile, are great for extremely dry skin types.

Anti-aging beauty tip: Ilana Harkavi, celebrity makeup artist and founder of IL-Makiage makeup, suggests ditching heavy foundation and using a tinted moisturizer instead. Top it with bronzer and peach blush for more a youthful coverage.

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