Ladies' Home Journal 125th Anniversary: Working

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July 1928 Cover

Should She or Shouldn't She?

See if you can accurately match the following statements with the year in which they were made. Answers below.

a. August 1889
b. September 1892
c. January 1930
d. October 1936
e. March 1971
f. April 1985

1. "A very delicate balance must be maintained. I have seen extremely clever women fail because they asserted their authority too ruthlessly."
2. "[Thanks to the invention of the typewriter,] to-day hardly a place of business of any size can be found in which the trim figure of some woman cannot be seen."
3. With "the 'Men Only' sign on the door of our space program, we have really reduced ourselves to a contemptible level."
4. "Your business is to be a woman. Your career is to make a good marriage."
5. "[A woman] can do anything where her petticoats do not catch in the machinery."
6. "Can we really do everything our mothers did, and everything our fathers did as well?"

Answers:1-c; 2-a; 3-e; 4-d; 5-b; 6-f

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