The Real Lisa Kudrow

What makes Lisa Kudrow tick? The former Friends star talks about motherhood, Mensa, and movies.
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Ladies' Home Journal: You play a mom in your new film, Bandslam, and in the recent Hotel for Dogs. What appeals to you about this role?
Lisa Kudrow: I don't know whether it was age -- I turn 46 on July 30 -- or motherhood I was embracing. My Bandslam character's description was that she was "the best mom you could ever have." I thought, Huh, I wonder if I could ever be that?

LHJ: So what makes a perfect parent?
LK: Mostly being on your child's side. I always felt I could get over anything better when my parents were on my side.

LHJ: I think you succeed in the film. What about in real life with your son, Julian, who's 11?
LK: I'm a crazy rule follower. We try to have rational conversations because otherwise I'd be yelling all morning long trying to get him out of the house.

LHJ: There's a long-standing rumor that you're a member of the high-IQ group Mensa. True?
LK: Oh God, no! I'm not that smart. I'm that idiot friend you have to have around.

LHJ: Do people expect you to be ditzy like Phoebe from Friends?
LK: I am confused a lot of the time. When I'm at the doctor's I fumble through the forms, and I see people looking.

LHJ: Does it make your son cringe?
LK: He's not easy to embarrass. He still kisses me goodbye, which is heaven.

LHJ: Has he ever watched Friends ?
LK: We tried to watch it once, but there was too much talking on it. He said, "I'm sorry. No offense, but I'm a little bored."

LHJ: That was polite, at least.
LK: He's abnormally aware of other people's feelings. I can't take any credit for that.

Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, August 2009.


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