Michelle Obama's New Mission

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Pressure of the White House

SL: How did the cleanse work for you?

MO: The cleanses are good for a short period of time. I can't live my life on a cleanse. But they help me clean out my palate. Because when you start adding things like sugars into your diet, you start craving them. And the more you eat, the more you crave. . . . So maybe I'll do a cleanse for two days. It isn't a way of life, because I like food too much. But it is good to break your mind-set.

SL: I recently interviewed former First Lady Laura Bush and she talked about how when she left the White House, she felt physically lighter, that her burden had been lifted. Are the pressures involved in being First Lady something you're cognizant of?

MO: I think it's a self-protective mechanism not to think about it. If you were to ever stop and think about this stuff, you could be debilitated. Instead, if you approach each day new and fresh, with every experience as something to take in, the time flies. . . . It'll be two years [in the White House] before you know it.

I can imagine that when it's time to step back and reflect, it will feel like a huge relief. But in this moment I'm just trying to get stuff done. I'm focused on trying to move this initiative forward.

Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, August 2010.


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