Taylor Swift

Life is sweet for four-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift. She has a new album, a new home and her eye on a certain cutie by the same name.
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Why I Called My Album Speak Now...
My songs are like open letters. They say everything I wished I had said when certain people were standing right in front of me. I imagine I will be getting a few text messages from them once the album comes out.

My album in three words...
Diverse. Detailed. Relationship-y. I'm turning relationship into an adjective.

My Writing Process...
I have an app on my iPhone that's a voice recorder. I'll be in the middle of a conversation and will literally walk away and record a bridge, a pre-chorus or half of a hook, then go right back to the conversation like nothing happened.

Who I'd Most Like To Collaborate With...
Jay-Z. I know our genres are completely different, but there could be something cool about that.

Now That I Have My Own Place...
I'm most excited about throwing dinner parties and cooking for people. The other night I made this dish with chicken, penne and capers that I am so proud of.

What I Took From My Parents' House...
Little teacups, a Geisha doll and a crystal ball that looks like a fortuneteller's. Ever since I was a little kid, I've wanted that crystal ball -- so my mom gave it to me and I let her keep one of my Grammys.

My Signature Dish...
Caramelized bacon. My Mom and I both make it. It's really easy to do, but people seem to be wonderstruck by it.

My Favorite Hobby...
Antiquing. At the Tennessee State Fair Grounds, I found a hog carrier that I now use as a table for my record player. And I found a long animal trough that I use to store blankets.

Why I Love Nashville...
When I'd first visit, I was mystified that people talk to you in public, make eye contact on the street and smile at you and wave. Now, I'm addicted to that. I've never felt so completely like a town was home as I do here.

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