Traveling Companions: Q&A with Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana

One of the summer's most anticipated movies is The Time Traveler's Wife. LHJ checked in with Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, the film's stars, about this epic love story, the pressure of remaking a beloved novel, and their own time-traveling fantasies.
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Based on Audrey Niffenegger's 2003 best seller, it follows a time traveler, Henry (Eric Bana), as he hops in and out of the life of his future wife, Clare (Rachel McAdams). "It's an intimate story, but it is also very challenging and gives you a lot to think about," says Bana. "It makes you feel lucky to be alive and lucky to be in love."

LHJ: While there is a very interesting supernatural component to this story, at its heart, it's about the strength of true love and its ability to endure when tested. What was it about this character and this script that appealed to you?

Rachel McAdams: The character of Clare was very detailed and so well thought out, and I love the relationship between her and Henry. Her greatest flaw is that she's hopelessly romantic, seeks out the extraordinary, and is in love with a time traveler.

Eric Bana: I thought it was a unique love story between Henry and Clare. Then there was the wonderful combination of working with Robert Schwentke (director) and Rachel McAdams. I have seen a lot of Robert's work and thought he was a really interesting director, both visually and stylistically. Rachel was attached to the film before me and I was a fan of her work and thought it would be great to do this project with her.

LHJ: Were you a fan of the book before you read the script?

RM: I read the book a few years ago and loved it. I knew when I was reading it that it was going to be a film, and I thought about the character of Clare a lot and what it would be like to play her, so when it came about, it was pretty exciting.

EB: I read the script before reading the book. After I met with Robert, and had a wonderful chat with him about the film, I was really excited and wanted to play Henry.

LHJ: What parts of the story can you relate to?

RM: I think on some level everyone can relate to this love story -- it's complicated and frustrating, but special.

EB: When I read the script and book, I felt the most important element was the relationship between Henry and Clare. They are an extremely intimate couple, and a lot of times that can be portrayed without having to be written, like how someone looks at another person or touches them.

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