Top Doc: Q&A with Travis Stork

What makes The Doctors such a hot show? We took the temperature of its hunky host, Travis Stork, to find out.
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Q. You moderate some heated discussions on your daytime talk show The Doctors. Do you ever feel like Barbara Walters on The View?
No! I try to make sure everyone's opinion is heard. In medicine you quickly learn that there are shades of gray. We can disagree, but we're never disagreeable.

Q. What have your most intense debates been about?
We've discussed autism, circumcision, and whether c-sections should be reserved for emergencies.

Q. Do you ever worry that airing all this information may lead people to self-diagnose?
No. We're trying to help people become more informed so if they have five minutes with their physician, and they've been told that they have high blood pressure, they know what that really means.

Q. Doctors make the worst patients: True?
Perhaps, but I try to practice what I preach and lead a healthy life. Doctors are people just like everyone else. We have the same hopes and fears. One of my cohosts, [Dr.] Lisa [Masterson], had a mammogram on the show; she had been avoiding the test because she was afraid. When we put on our white coats we focus on our patients. But the show gives a unique look at our lives.

Q. Viewers first got a chance to see you as the star of The Bachelor in 2006. Were you at all afraid they wouldn't like you as much as a working doctor?
Landing on The Bachelor was a total fluke. It was a great experience because it forced me to get away from the singular mind-set of being a doctor all the time. This is what I do best.


Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, June 2009.


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