Clutter Control

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Photo by Emily Followill


Problem: Our bathroom countertops and drawers are so messy. Any ideas on how to arrange them better?

1. Create top-ten drawers. Assign and label a personal cubby, shelf or drawer to each person. Then set guidelines, such as: Everyone keeps a maximum of 10 things in that designated space and everything else has to go on a nightstand or dresser or in a handbag. It's not as tough as it sounds: After you cover the basics (toothbrush, face wash, moisturizer, hairbrush, deodorant), you'll still have room for a few more items.
2. Be clear about bathroom storage. The key to knowing what you have in your bathroom is being able to see it, so use a few transparent containers as carryalls. Caddies or baskets with handles are particularly helpful for shower and tub items such as shampoo, soap, and conditioner.
3. Declutter countertops. The more stuff you keep on the counter around your sink, the sloppier your bathroom will look. So go for the bare minimum: hand soap and a box of tissues. Everything else should be tucked away in medicine cabinets or personal drawers.

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