How to String Christmas Tree Lights

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Lighting a Fresh Tree

Lights on a fresh tree
Enlarge Image

We used an artificial tree and
lights on a white cord so you
can clearly see how the cords
are in a triangular shape.

Instead of wrapping the lights around the tree in a maypole dance, mentally divide the tree vertically into three triangular sections.

Plug in the first string of lights and nestle the last bulb on the string at the top of the tree next to the trunk. Weave the lights back and forth across the triangle, being careful not to cross the cord over itself. When you reach the end of the first string, plug in the next set and continue weaving the lights back and forth until you reach the bottom, connecting no more than 300 lights end to end. Repeat this procedure for the remaining triangles.

Step back from the tree and look at it with your eyes crossed. Wherever you see dark holes on the tree, rearrange the lights as necessary to fill in. To remove the lights without getting them tangled, simply work in reverse.

Timely tips

  • For safety's sake, never plug more than two extension cords together. Instead, buy them in the lengths you need and make sure they can handle the wattage of the bulbs.
  • Make sure the wattages of all the lights you use are the same; this prevents power surges and prolongs the life of the bulbs.
  • Plug in the lights before you remove them from the box so you can see whether they work before you put them on the tree.
  • Consider using miniature clear (white) lights for your base lighting, then add strands of the new cool-burning large bulbs for color and variety. Or, add sets of novelty lights, such as flicker-flames, flashing lights, bubble lights, or other shapes.

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