Sand Candles

The twisted wire makes strong hangers for these candles nestled in colored sand.
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What You Need:
sand candles
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Light up the night using these
hanging colorful candles.

  • Cup hook
  • Hand drill
  • 24-gauge steel or copper wire
  • Wire cutters
  • C-clamp
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Beads and rhinestones
  • Small jar
  • Jewelry glue
  • Colored sand
  • Votive candle


Step 1

1. Insert the cup hook into the drill and tighten.

Step 2

2. Make two sets of banding wires to go around the neck of the jar by cutting two 12-inch pieces of wire for each set. Holding two of the pieces together, make a loop in the wires 3 inches from the ends. Measure 3 inches up from the opposite end. Clamp the end to a work surface with a C-clamp. Slip the looped end of the wires over the cup hook in the drill. Use the drill to twist the two wires together. Remove the wire from cup hook and clamp. Untwist the ends of loop, using pliers to straighten out the ends.

3. For the hanging wire, cut a 36-inch length of wire and fold in half. Clamp loose ends to the table top, slip folded end over the cup hook in drill, and twist the wire together. Remove from cup hook and clamp. Determine the length of the hanger, and fold wire in half. A bead can be added if desired. Bend loose ends up to make both sides of the hanger even. Twist ends around the wire several times, leaving a small loop at the bend. Cut off excess wire.

Step 4

4. Wrap one banding wire around half of the jar top and the second banding wire around the other half. Slip loose ends of both set of banding wires through the loop on one side of the hanging wire. Twist the end of the wire around the hanging wire, just above the loop. Do not cut off the excess wire. Repeat the process for the other side of the hanging wire, making sure the banding wire is tightly secured around the neck of the jar.

5. Slip bead onto the excess lengths of the banding wire, twisting the wires around the bead. Use the needle-nose pliers to twist some of the wire into a spiral.

6. Glue rhinestones to the jar sides. Let the glue dry. Fill halfway with sand and place a votive candle in the center.

More Ideas:

  • For May Day, fill the jars with shredded colored paper and wrapped candies or straw flowers.
  • Omit the wire hangers to make walkway luminarias for any season.


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