The Basics of Vastu

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Common Cures for Rooms

General Guidelines

Keep all furniture and appliances at least four inches away from walls so energy isn't absorbed into the walls.

  • Use fewer furnishings, and try to maintain open, airy spaces.

  • Keep books orderly.

  • Family hand-me-downs and pictures of deceased relatives should be located in the south and southwest areas of a room.

  • Bring elements of nature inside to remind yourself of your connectedness to the environment.


  • Do not sleep with your head facing north, or your sleep will be disrupted. Ideally, your head should be located in the south or east.

  • Place something attractive on the wall facing the bed, so you have a nice view every night when you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up.


  • It's best to locate the kitchen in the southeast corner of the home.

  • Keep the center of the kitchen as empty as possible. Locate a table and chairs near a wall.

Living Room

  • It's best to locate the living room in the north, northwest, or northeast areas of the house.

  • Place your bulkiest, heaviest, and tallest furniture on the south or west sides of room.

  • Don't use a coffee table; leave the room's center open for good energy flow.

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