The Basics of Vastu

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What's Your Dosha?

For each question, select the statement that best applies to you.

Question 1:

__ a. I move quickly. __ b. I move with determination. __ c. I move slowly.

Question 2:

__ a. My daily routine is variable. __ b. My daily routine is precise. __ c. My daily routine is methodical.

Question 3:

__ a. I get anxious under stress. __ b. I get irritable under stress. __ c. I withdraw under stress.

Question 4:

__ a. My sleep is light and interrupted. __ b. I sleep deeply for 6 to 7 hours. __ c. I sleep deeply for 8 or more hours.

Question 5:

__ a. My appetite is variable. __ b. My appetite is strong. __ c. My appetite is steady.

Question 6:

__ a. I tend toward constipation. __ b. I can eliminate 2 or more times daily. __ c. My elimination is smooth and regular.

Question 7:

__ a. I am a good talker. __ b. I am a good debater. __ c. I am a good listener.

Question 8:

__ a. I like to change. __ b. I like to succeed. __ c. I like to enjoy.

Question 9:

__ a. I have a thin frame. __ b. I have a medium frame. __ c. I have a broad frame.

Question 10:

__ a. I like to shop. __ b. I research before buying. __ c. I like to save.

Evaluating Your Score

Add up how many a, b, and c answers you have, and rank them from highest to lowest. Your a answers are vata, b are pitta, and c are kapha. So, for example, if you have 6 a answers, 2 b and 2 c, you have mostly vata dosha.

The dosha that scores highest is usually the one that needs balancing in your nature. If two doshas are close, both can benefit from balancing approaches. If, for example, you score highest in vata, you might choose vata aromas to balance your tendency for accumulated vata.

This quiz is designed to give you a preliminary indication of your body type. It is reprinted courtesy of The Chopra Center for Well Being in La Jolla, California. The Chopra Center offers not only mind-body consultations but also herbs, foods, teas, music, and massage oils for balancing the three dosha types.

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