15 Ways to De-Clutter Your Life

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Clutter Cures 5-8

5. Organizing Principle
Whenever I'm tempted to put off doing something, I repeat my mantra: "It only takes two minutes." This phrase helps me put my shoes away, empty the dishwasher, pay my bills as they come in, and respond to voice mail immediately.
-- Katie Mattson, Charlotte, North Carolina

6. Living-Room Locker
I exercise in my living room, where I certainly don't want workout stuff lying around -- but I'm less likely to skip a session if my equipment is right there. So I put baskets in the cabinet under my TV, where I keep my sneakers, free weights, stretch bands, and DVDs. I stow my workout mat under the sofa, completely out of sight.
-- Karin Flagg, Austin, Texas

7. Guiltless Garbage
If a plastic food-storage container is missing its lid -- a constant problem in my kitchen -- I automatically give myself permission to recycle it and move on. Also, I set aside just five minutes once a week to toss things in my fridge that are more than seven days old. Who's going to eat ancient leftovers anyway?
-- Sarah Stanley, Washington, D.C.

8. Bag Lady
To keep my kids' activities organized, I bought plain cloth bags, fabric paints, and markers at a craft store. I made inexpensive totes for swimming gear, dance clothes, and soccer stuff. I decorated each bag with appropriate designs so my kids know what's in them, and I hang them all on pegs in our entryway. When we get home from an activity, I restock the bags right away with a fresh swimsuit, clean socks, or whatever's needed.
-- Tanya Pereira, Hampden, Maine

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