What's Your Cleaning Personality?

By Sharon Merritt

Are you a Grime Gestapo or a Company's-Coming Cleaner? Read on to find out where you land on the homekeeping scale. And pick up some terrific cleaning tips at the same time.

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woman cleaning
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Test Yourself

Unexpected Company Is Coming! You...

A. Look around your home with satisfaction. You are ready. No clutter, grime, mess. You take a homemade pie you made last week out of the freezer and warm it in the oven so the whole house smells good.

B. Toss the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, Swiffer the kitchen and wipe down the guest bathroom, and try to find something clean to put on. After 30 minutes of semi-vigorous activity, you're ready.

C. Feel panic followed by making a plan for your immediate escape. There is no way anyone is coming into this house. Sadly, your keys have fallen somewhere between the stacks of last year's newspapers and the boxes of old VHS tapes sitting in your dining room.

If you picked A, you're a Domestic Diva! (Could it be that the Domestic Diva has no children, pets, husband, or job?)

If you picked B, you're a Good-Enougher. You do what you can and go with the flow.

If you picked C, you're a Cable-Show Candidate. There may be a TV crew at your door soon to shoot an episode of Hoarders.

Read on for more hints about your cleaning personality.

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