Don't Be a Slave to Hair Trends

Consider what's hot, but don't forget to take your hair type and lifestyle into consideration.
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Are you caught up in the endless pursuit of the latest, must-have look? While it's fine to want a haircut that is stylish, the fact is, fashions come and go. They often change so fast and furiously that you find yourself in a whirlwind of trends. You and your hair are the victims. I have a simple cure that can help you find a hairstyle that looks not only fabulously stylish, but which also suits your features, hair type, personality, and lifestyle.

Here's how to glide through the latest hair trend with style:

Consider your face shape. A good stylist should always examine the shape of your face before cutting your hair. Haircuts will often look dramatically different on round, long, square, or oval faces.

Work with your hair's texture. Take into consideration your hair's "personality." Whether it's thin, thick, wavy, curly, straight, dry, damaged, or oily, hair type is crucial in choosing the right styles.

Don't fight your hair. A good haircut should always work with your hair's natural tendencies, not against it.

Find your personal style. Funky, reserved, risk-taking, conservative, energetic...whatever your style, your haircut should suit your personality. Find a do that's stylish but individualized for a "never out-of-fashion" look.

Factor in your lifestyle. Are you always on the go? Do you want a slick night look or a fun day 'do? Make sure your hair is ready-to-wear for your lifestyle.

Use celebrity styles for general ideas. I recommend bringing pictures of the trendy celebrity looks you love, so that you and your hair stylist can work to develop the perfect style solution. Don't be a fashion disaster because your hair didn't cut it!

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