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See Your Stylist and Say No to Heat Styling

Don't Forget to Visit the Stylist, Often

The best person in whom to entrust the care and welfare of your hair is your stylist.  Turn to him or her when you feel your hair is under the weather for a review of how you should care for your hair.

Post-damage, like after the summer or a home-grown process gone awry, especially warrants a salon visit.  Your stylist can trim away damaged hair, and your colorist can fix botched color.  Avoid split ends and enjoy optimum hair health by trimming hair every 8 to 12 weeks.  

Do Beat the Heat

Overuse of heat styling products can damage hair from root to sorry split-ends.  Luckily, hair now has new technology on its side, with a new slew of styling tools and products designed to heat style, without heat damage.

First, take care to prepare hair when you plan to heat style.  Use an extra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, followed with product especially designed to protect hair from the heat.

When choosing your heat styling tool, look for the new hair care buzz words: tourmaline, ionic, and ceramic.  Why are they better than your everyday dryer?  To summarize, they act to break up large water particles into tiny, "micronized" particles, plus introduce negative ions to hair, to speed up and improve the blow-drying and flat-ironing process like never before possible.  Unlike traditional dryers and flat irons that stripped hair of moisture as they dry, the new generation of tools help hair stay hydrated and conditioned, as moisture, natural oils, and even your moisturizing styling product enter the hair shaft -- and stay there.

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