Hair in a Hurry

Time flies when you're caring for your hair. Hair pro Mark Garrison offers the following helpful tips for efficient hair maintenance without giving up your entire day.
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All in Good Time

Hair abides by time? Works best on a schedule? Who knew? Yes, it seems there's a time and place for everything, even hair issues. Experts have long been privy to the fact that whatever your hair concern or desire, there is an optimal time to pencil it in to your day planner. Use this helpful chart to plan efficiently:

Time to: Create Curls Lead Time: 3 hours before event/going out Why? Allows enough time for hair to relax into a natural-look style.

Time to: Go super straight Lead Time: 2 hours before event/going out Why? Humidity begins to take its toll right away -- be sure to apply a sealant (wax, pomade or silicone spray) for more lasting results.

Time to: Do an up-do Lead Time: When hair is unwashed, ideally for 2 days Why? Natural oils and atmospheric gunk help control hair, keep it in place -- clean hair has too much slip.

Time to: Change your haircolor Lead Time: Fall or winter Why? Damage control -- brightens and restores after summer abuse.

Time to: Change your hairstyle Lead Time: 2 weeks before an event Why? Hair needs time to adjust to a new way of styling -- as do you.

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