Salon Etiquette 101

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Tipping and Haircut Remorse

Tipping Tactics

  • Good service deserves to be recognized. Just like a restaurant, a salon is a service industry, and it's expected you will acknowledge those who have assisted you. Giving 10 to 15 percent of the cost of your service is an average tip; it demonstrates that you like what you had done and are happy. A 20 percent tip shows more appreciation for that awesome job you really love.
  • Spread the love to others in the salon and they'll remember you kindly on all your return visits. Be sure to tip all the assistants who work with you and any other helpers in the salon -- 5 percent is standard.
  • Should you tip the salon owner? It depends on his role in the salon. If he just meets and greets, it's not necessary. If he is an actual technician who worked on your hair, the answer is yes.

When You're Unhappy with Your Hair

  • People are often nervous about speaking up about something they don't like at the salon, but owners and managers need to know the problems within their walls, and appreciate your input. For example, as soon as you notice something you don't like about your hair or service, express your concerns so that your stylist can make adjustments.
  • If you're not happy with your style when you get home, stay calm. It often takes some time to adjust to a new look and a little practice with the new techniques and products your stylist should have explained to you. If you're still unhappy after two weeks, often a salon will offer a free or discounted repeat cut.

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