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Shiny Hair

The problem: You want your hair to look glossy, not greasy.

The solution: With so many factors affecting your hair's shine -- its health and texture are high on that list -- it's not surprising that it's such a tricky result to get. While popular shine-enhancing serums certainly add sheen, there's a very fine line between lustrous hair and hair that just looks greasy. The secret to perfect shine lies in how the serum is applied, as well as the amount; experts agree that it's best to use a little bit at a time. "When you use too much product, it weighs down the hair, making it either dull or greasy," says Sasha Ellard, manager and stylist at the new Blow Styling Salon in New York City, a salon devoted exclusively to styling. Here's how to do it right.

Your 3 Essential Steps

In the Shower A clarifying shampoo used once a week use will break down accumulated product buildup and clear the way for great shine, since less gunk on the hair means shinier, more vibrant locks. Follow with a lightweight conditioner, avoiding your scalp and roots where hair gets greasy most quickly. Some experts recommend a quick rinse with cold water at the end of your shower to help seal the cuticle. (A smooth cuticle equals tons of shine.)

Post Shower Apply just a dab of styling cream or mist to the ends of your hair to enhance its glossy quality. Hair can be either air-dried or blow-dried; if blow-drying, make sure to aim the nozzle of the dryer down to help smooth the ever-important cuticle.

Finishing Touch And now the big moment: Perfect your look with a teeny drop of lightweight silicone serum. A light application, say the experts, makes all the difference. "Take a dab of spray-on shine enhancer in the palm of your hands and then apply only to the ends of hair," advises Ted Gibson, salon owner in New York City. Avoid your roots, as shine serum here will quickly morph into grease.

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