How to Get Younger, Healthier Hair

By Patricia Reynoso

A treatment, styling, and haircare guide to thick, shiny hair.

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How to Get Younger Healthier Hair, brunette woman long hair
Fernando Milani

Take Years Off

Even if your hair was never a contender for a shampoo commercial -- and really, whose is? -- you've probably noticed that over the years, it hasn't been what it used to be. It's either duller and feels rougher to the touch or the color isn't as intense as it once was. It might not grow as long as you'd like -- or worse, it might even be thinning or falling out. Any of this would be enough to send you screaming into the night! By keeping your hair in the less-than-ideal state, you could be heaping on years to your appearance. Consider how many of Hollywood's beauties -- Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Julianne Moore spring to mind -- look significantly younger than their age because of their gorgeous hair. Of course, they might owe that to fantastic genes and a few Hollywood hair tricks, but more likely than not they also rely on good home care and turn-back-time hairstyles -- and so can you. Read on to learn how to reclaim younger, healthier hair.

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