Say Goodbye to Frizzy Hair

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Weather Warriors: Styling Aids That Save the Day

Here's how the most widely used styling aids weather the elements:

Pomade -- Combats dry, frizzy, fluffy hair by providing weight. Apply to dry hair. Pomade is designed for all hair types. It's available in different consistencies; use a stiffer formula on fine hair, a creamier one for coarse hair.

Gel -- Repels moisture and is ideal for slicking hair back, braids, and for curly hair. Apply to wet hair. Do a test run to make sure the product you choose does not flake. Mix with a styling cream or pomade to soften the texture and avoid a hard hold.

Silicone Spray -- Like gel, it repels moisture. It also provides a shield and shine for all hair types. Apply to dry hair. Avoid applying to roots on thin, fine hair. Apply and comb through curly hair before natural styling, then reapply after hair is dry.

Mousse -- Mousse holds moisture for curly styles, and helps set straight hair. Apply it to wet hair.

Cream -- It holds in moisture and is ideal for creating a textured look of separated pieces. Cream typically doubles as a styling product and leave-in conditioner. Use sparingly. Start on the ends of hair then work up the hair shaft, unless hair is very dry and thick.

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