My Curly Hair Makeover

Our assistant food editor undergoes a hair makeover to liven up her curly locks. Check out her totally manageable, sleek new curls.
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Hilary merzbacher before hair makeover

I'll be honest: Getting regular haircuts is not one of my strong suits. When things get busy or budgets get tight, I'm a gal who's inclined to skip the trip to the salon altogether. And when I do finally get in for a cut, I have trouble finding a stylist who embraces my natural texture the way I do. Minus the three or four times a year I straighten my hair for a special night out, I like to rock the medusa style, just a step or two shy of "I stuck my finger in a light socket." Wild curls are my signature look, and since I arrived in NYC three years ago, I haven't found anyone who could help me unleash their full (and slightly less frizzy) potential.

Enter the LHJ beauty team. After chatting with them about my hair-related woes (and probably, them taking one look at my visibly split ends), they dialed up the curl whisperers at Devachan and managed to get me in for a much-needed appointment -- major score!

So, here's what you need to know about Devachan: This salon is 100% devoted to curls, 100% of the time. As I waited for my turn, I was amazed by the heads of hair marching out, post-appointment. Tight, defined, spirals! Soft, beachy waves! Totally frizz-free spirals! Beautifully coiffed Afros! It was, without a doubt, the coolest convention of curls I'd ever seen.

By the time I sat down with my stylist, Rosie, I couldn't have felt more at ease. Although I was more than willing to undergo a drastic cut, she recommended keeping my locks long, adding long layers and significantly shorter, face-framing bangs. I was sold.

Hilary Merzbacher after hair makeover

The first major difference between this cut and any I've had before is that Rosie worked on my hair dry. This allowed her to better assess my curl pattern and to evaluate the length and shape of the style as she worked. After a wash and a little education on curl care (I had been washing my hair almost twice as much as is necessary!), Rosie got to work drying and styling. Before my very eyes, my curls leapt up into neat, defined spirals. The top layers that usually get sad and droopy within minutes of blow-drying totally held their own. This cut was pure, unadulterated awesome.

I clung to my salon-styled 'do for a few days, skeptical that I would be able to pull of the same kind of curl definition at home. But armed with a few tips from Rosie, my first home-styling session didn't disappoint. The cut has held up beautifully in the following weeks, and my curls couldn't be happier. With any luck, I've permanently traded my frizz halo for a more refined look. But the even better news? I still feel 180% like me.



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