How to Get Super Straight Hair

Whether you're naturally straight, wavy, or curly, here are 6 techniques that to get that smooth, sleek look.
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Thermal Reconditioning and Flat Iron

Looking at gorgeous women like Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Liu, who wouldn't want poker-straight, shiny hair? From permanent methods to straight hair you can wash out, here are six ways to get your hair sleek.

Thermal Reconditioning This is a permanent reforming of the structure of hair, done with the same chemical solution as used in perms, but with a flat iron instead of perming rods. Thermal reconditioning is better for wavy hair rather than kinky or curly hair, which will show a curly root too quickly. Results last six to ten months, and then only hair regrowth needs to be thermally reconditioned.

Flat Iron A hair styling tool that features two plates (either ceramic or metal), a flat iron is pulled through hair to achieve a temporarily straight appearance. Flat-ironing reforms the water bonds in the hair shaft for a super-straight effect -- it's like pressing the wrinkles out hair. Due to high heat and direct contact on hair, flat-ironing can be damaging to hair, so don't do it every day. Silicones and straightening balms will protect hair when used before ironing, and will set it and lock moisture out when smoothed on when done. New technology has made flat-ironing safer than ever; find a tool with temperature control and ceramic plates.

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