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How to Apply False Eyelashes

Learn how to apply false eyelashes for a glamorous look.

Wed, 7 Nov 2012|

If you've always wanted the dramatic look of false lashes but were too nervous to apply them yourself, conquer your fears with these easy steps. Since most strips of falsies are really long, your first step is to customize them. Use a scissor to trim your false lashes to a more natural length that fits the shape of your eye. Hold the lashes securely between your fingers or a pair of tweezers. Apply lash glue to the bottom strip of the lashes. Wait 30 seconds before you put them on. This allows the glue to dry a little, creating a sticky adhesive. When you apply the lashes, stick them as close to your lash line as possible. Lay the lash gently onto your lash line and use the bottom of an eye shadow brush to press the adhesive onto your eyelid. Fight the urge to blink hard since this may knock lashes out of place. Applying false lashes may take a little practice but you'll love the results. False lashes make your eyes look much fuller and can give you a hint of drama for a night out.

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