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How to do a Blowout

Get salon-perfect hair with this easy guide to doing a blowout at home.

Wed, 7 Nov 2012|

For a professional look, a go-to style that you should have in your arsenal should be a smooth, sleek blow out. Starting with damp hair, you wanna blow out your hair in small sections using a texturizing spray if you have fine hair to create more lift and more volume. Start your sections at the nape, working your way up to the crown of the head. Use two different size round brushes, a small round brush for the nape of the neck and as you work towards the top of the crown where the hair is longer, a larger round brush. When you get to the bangs, use the smaller round brush to get a little bit more of a flip. Finish off the entire style with a light hairspray so that it feels light and brushable and not too stiff.

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