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Christine Meets Jennifer

When Jennifer Robinson’s son was killed in Afghanistan, she thought she’d never know the details of his last moments -- until a phone call from Air Force nurse Christine Collins changed everything.

Wed, 2 Jan 2013|

-It's been a long journey home. Even though I've been home, it's a different feeling because I came back different. So, this is just one of those steps in the healing process, I think, for myself. Not only for me but really for Jennifer because like she said, she's looking forward to being able to touch and hug the last person that they held son before he died. It'll be a great thing tomorrow. -When Olivia and I were on other side of the bed, holding his hand, and just telling him that everything is gonna be okay, that he was gonna be okay, he was feeling he was gonna be okay and that it was okay to go ahead and go. After many, many months of being home, a year and three months exactly is when I had enough courage to say that this is-- obviously this is something that I have to do and find this family. -To just go beyond her duty to travel, be willing to travel thousands of miles to meet and tell the stranger, like she said, she didn't really know my son but she's through him, coming in, being hurt and you know, works so hard trying to save him so he could make it and come back home to his children as well. -I think about both of you, I think of her mother. Edward seems okay. -They wanna ask [unk]. -Okay. -Okay. You traveled home. -It's okay. One of these days, will you wanna talk about it? If you ever wanna talk about it, call me, I'll come and bring you to our Nana, so you could come and visit. Whenever, whenever, we'll help you. I'm here for you. -Christine, do you wanna see the picture-- -Oh, yeah. Oh, wow. You look just like him. -One day while he was driving and he was talking and he can't so [unk], and I had to do an overtake, you know, because it was so, you know, so just like him. -He would come to me all the time in my dreams and I couldn't figure it out and it was the point where it was constant. It was a constant thing and I finally said, you know, "Okay, what do you want from me? What is it that you want from me? What do you need me to do?" And that [unk] to signify your love and your faith and the heart is me and my family. He'd embrace you and your family from now and until the end. -Thank you so much. Thank you. -You're welcome. I think this is a journey about healing not only for myself but for these people that I'm connecting with. For some reason, I need them just as much as they need me on some type of level. -Seeing the dates, January 17th and knowing exactly where I was and I knowing exactly where he was and to be able to know what happened on that day is just very surreal because you see dates when people are born and when they pass and in general, you just acknowledge it that it doesn't really mean a lot but for something like this, when you were with somebody it was a life changing moment. It means everything.

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