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Massage Techniques: Shoulders

Shoulder tension can be caused by sitting hunched over at your desk or carrying a heavy handbag. Learn how to relax those shoulders.

Tue, 5 Mar 2013|

Shoulder tension caused by everyday habits like hunching over a computer screen or carrying an overloaded bag can spread to your whole body. Here's how to relieve it. You can begin with a basic shoulder massage move. Grab both shoulders from behind and use the thumbs to push down. Work slowly to give a satisfying shoulder massage. Now if your hands get tired easily, you can also use your forearms. Have your partner sit up while you stand behind him. Place your right forearm on his right shoulder palm facing up. Steady yourself by resting your left hand on his left shoulder. Then use your body weight to press down on your forearm while rotating it toward his neck. Repeat this on both sides. Another option is to massage the shoulders with a tennis ball. This method saves your hands from doing all the work. Simply roll the ball all over with a palm of your hand. Now you know the tension-fighting massage techniques that will take the weight off of anyone's shoulders.

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