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How to Style Braids for Short Hair

Learn how to create a quick and easy braided hair style for short hair.

Wed, 31 Jul 2013|

Hey. It's Jeannine from BeautySweetSpot.com. Now, let's talk about braids. Well, they have been super trendy as of late. They don't need to be complicated. So, let's take it back to basics. So, I dried my hair. I added some texture to it, and I have my part. So, you're gonna do this on both sides of your part. Basically, you just take a section and divide it into the three parts where you wanna braid it, and just braid them all the way back. You can start closer to the root if you'd like it to show more in the front, or you could start it a little bit back to just really get your hair out of your face. My hair is very fine, so my braid comes out a little bit small. You don't have to braid it to the very end. Then, I just took here with two cross bobby pins in the back. And that's the one side. So, next, you just do the same exact thing on the other side. And I'm just gonna pin it back exactly in line with the other one that I just did. I'm crossing the bobby pins again. And I just leave them, the ends, loose in the back. And now, my hair is out of my face, and I have two cute braids on either side.

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