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How to Style an Easy Updo for Short Hair

Yes, you can totally rock an updo even with short hair! Learn how to create a quick, chic style.

Wed, 31 Jul 2013|

Hey, ladies. It's Jeannine from beautysweetspot.com and I'm gonna show you how to fake an updo with short hair. I've come to find out that bobby pins are going to be your best friend. Start with the basic pompadour. It's an easy way to get the hair in the front out of your face. Next, take the side and just simply twist it back. And wanna twist that a little bit tightly, but depending on how you want your style to come out. You could twist it a little bit looser as well. All the way to the end and I'm going to secure it in the middle of my head with two crisscrossing bobby pins. Then do the same thing to the other side. Meet that with the other end so they look neat and secure it with a bobby pin and again, make sure you crisscross your bobby pin so they don't come undone. Now, the whole front of your hair is pulled back, and it's time for the challenging part-- the back. What I recommend is sectioning it into two sections, starting again with one. Start very close to the root to get the baby hairs in and do another press. This style is really about twist and pin. It's very simple but it looks really cool. Secure it again. And you're almost done. You have one more section. Again, start it very close to the root and twist it going up towards the center and secure it. And that's how you play your hair up. Now, I'm going to spray it now just a little bit in the front or hold and smooth in any frizzy, a lot in the back. Now, I'm done with the updo. As you can see, all of the hair is up off my neck, off my face. I actually can't believe I got the short hair up and you can leave it like this if you like. But since I'm going to a lot of weddings this summer, I found some good accessories to make it look a little bit dressier. I have this clip that I'm going to place directly in the center where all of my twists and bobby pins meet. I'm just gonna place that right here and secure it and this will just dress it up a little bit more. And that's how you fake an updo with short hair. It takes a lot of bobby pins.

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