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Headbands for Short Hairstyles

Add some sophistication to your short hairstyle with a headband.

Wed, 31 Jul 2013|

Hey, ladies. It's Jeannine from BeautySweetSpot.com. One of the biggest challenges I have with my short hair is keeping it out of my face. So today, I'm gonna show you how to wear headbands. And trust me, it's gonna look nothing but sophisticated. When wearing a headband as an adult, there's three things you really need to pay attention to-- that's the color, the size, and the texture of the headband. For example, these are two headbands I wear regularly. As you can see, the colors are quite similar. Since I'm a brunette, I like to stick with colors that either match my hair or blend in to my hair. And that's what you should do, too. Second, you don't want your headband to be bigger than an inch if you're wearing a regular headband, and you don't want it to be much smaller than this. This 1-inch headbands here is perfect for any kind of hairstyle, really, especially if you're leaving it down. The thinner headband works very well in an updo. You slip it right in, and that adds a little bit of a sass. Third, you wanna make sure you pay attention to texture. I love to do a little bit of sparkle. Both of my headbands have sparkle in them, but there's not too much bling. So now, I'll just top in my headband, and I'm gonna place it about an inch away from my hairline. And it just adds a little bit to my look. But you'll notice that I kept hair out in front of my headband, and that's completely a personal preference. When you leave pieces down in front of the headband, it makes your facial features appear softer. And of course, who doesn't want that? But if you wanna pull it all back with your headband, go ahead and do that as well. There's no right or wrong.

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