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How to Wear a Scarf as a Headband with Your Short Hair Cut

We show you how to rock your favorite chic scarf as a stylish hair accessory for your short hair cut.

Wed, 31 Jul 2013|

Hey, ladies. It's Jeannine from beautysweetspot.com. And today, I'm gonna show you how to wear a head scarf. Head scarf has been my go-to summer style. I love wearing a scarf as a headband. Now, of course I wear it different kinds for different reason. Sometimes, I wear them to run errands around the city and of course, I wear one that's a little muted. It has smaller prints on it. Then, to go to the beach or of course on vacation, I love wearing summer braids. So, of course, find a head scarf that will suit your personality. First thing you wanna do is make sure your scarf is the width of an iPhone. So, mine is obviously bigger. I'm going to fold it. Any scarf will work. Make sure it's the right width and then place that at the nape of your neck. Once there, make sure all of your hair is gathered behind it and pull it up with both hands. Place both hands almost close to the ends and pull it straight up and cross it. This is really a lot easier than you think it is, I promise. After it's crossed, give it a twist. Kind of like a turban twist. Now, pull it tight and then bring both ends back around, back to the nape of your neck. That's all. Here's what you secure. Now, you have two options. So, you can either secure it in a knot, which is what I like to do because I like to see the color tails on the bottom or you can secure it in a bow. Again, it's a personal preference. Tie it at the bottom in a knot or a bow if you'd prefer and make sure you tie it really tight. Just pull out your hair, fix it up and if you have bangs, feel free to pull them forward if you want. I always pull out a little bit but it really depends. Some days when I'm not at the beach I like to keep them back. And there you go. That's how to pull your hair back in a head scarf for a chic summer style.

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