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How to Style a Pompadour Updo

This pompadour hairstyle is the perfect going out look for short hair.

Wed, 31 Jul 2013|

Hey. It's Jeannine from beautysweetspot.com. Now, I've been wearing a pompadour way before Snooki named it a poof. And let me tell you, it's an easy way to get the hair in the front out of your face. Now, for this style, you're gonna need a teasing comb, some bobby pins and some dry shampoo to help build texture. So, first, I'm going to take the section in between the temple of my head and take just about an inch in the front, pull it up, and just comb it to start. Make sure it's all smooth and together. Now that I have all the hair together, take my wonderful dry shampoo and spray it right at the roots, really blastic. And take your teasing comb or your toothbrush and get in at the roots and tease all that hair back to build heights. You could see you start to build a pompadour. Now, tease the hair especially by the-- your part because that will help you fight your part and then put it over your face. Next, do the same thing. Take another section from the temples, going back, another inch or so, section it off, smooth it out, then blast it at the roots in the back with a dry shampoo again. After you did that, you know to take your teasing comb and tease it really good at the roots and of course, you can tease as long as you want, depends how high you want that pompadour to go up. Now, you wanna gather both sections together and flip it over. Now, you wanna gather it together and start smoothing it out with your teasing comb. Make sure and try to keep the sides out of the way. I start to twist in the back, pushing forward. So, I find where I wanna place the end and I secure it with a bobby in. Crisscross with another bobby pin for hold. Smooth out your ends on the side. And there you go, that's how you style a pompadour, and this look will dress up any look that you have.

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