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How to Style Short Hair in Sexy Waves

Learn how to create easy, beautiful waves for your short hair style.

Wed, 31 Jul 2013|

-Hey, it's Jeannine from beautysweetspot.com. And today, I'm gonna show you how to wear your short hair in a wavy style. Wavy styles are my favorite 'cause they add a lot of texture to your hair and they're perfect for date night or if you're just feeling extra flirty. Once your hair is dry and you're ready to start, section it off. I start by sectioning mine just in 2 sections, taking it from the temples and going all the way around. So, I have a bottom section and a top section. I'm gonna spritz it with the heat protectant spray. Once that's settled, I'm ready to start curling. Now, my curling iron is my magic tool. This is my clampless curling iron. I live it because it doesn't use the clamp that sometimes causes a dent. I like that it tapers because it makes the waves look more natural. So, I start curling. How do I curl? I take it in one hand. I take about 2-inch sections of my hair with the other hand and I simply wrap my short hair and twist around the barrel. Hold it and let it go. Know the curl. So, continue to wrap this all around your head. Now that I finished the back, I'm gonna go on to the next step which is taking down the top part, letting it fall completely over top. Don't forget to spritz your heat tamer spray and start again. I'm gonna start in the front and wrap my hair away from my face. Once your whole head is curled like super curled. If you have front pieces, you can just lift them up. Don't curl them. Take the base of your curling iron at its widest and run it back and forth at your hair's root. This will make sure it kind of stays in line with the style and doesn't just fall flat. Now that we did all of that work, you're gonna brush them out. Okay. Now, you could take a deep breath 'cause it's over. I brushed out my curls. All that hard work is gone, but now I have just wavy texturized hair and that's exactly what I was going for. What I do now is I use a little bit of fine serum and I rub it through my fingertip and use it just midshaft through the ends. Finished. A little bit of hair spray and, voila, you have waves.

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