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How to Create a Chic, Straight Short Hair Style

Our beauty blogging expert shows you how to create a sophisticated straight style for short hair.

Wed, 31 Jul 2013|

Hey, ladies. It's Jeannine from beautysweetspot.com. And today, we're gonna talk about how to style your short hair straight. I have a really simple tip that will make your hair go from looking effortless to really sophisticated. And it only takes a couple of minutes. First up is spray some heat protectant spray all over it. Because if you're gonna use hot oil, this is the number one tip. You wanna make sure it's protected. Now, my next tip-- and this is the biggest one-- to make sure that your style looks really sophisticated and not just straight, is to straighten just your ends. If you wanna keep the volume on top that you created in your blow dry but also really show off your cut. That's why you have short hair. So, straighten the ends, but make sure that they're straightened straight. Maybe a slight bend. So, don't curl them under. That's how you show maturity and you don't look childish. So, I'm gonna straighten my ends all the way around. And I don't even section my hair to do this because it's very fine. But you might wanna do this in sections if you have thicker hair. I have layers in the back, so it's a little bit harder to do. But get some to there. Just make sure you get all the way around. When it comes to my bangs, I leave them alone because I don't want them to look too flat. Again, I want the volume in there. And then, there you have it. A very straight, sleek, sophisticated style. It really shows off the cut around my neck, and I finish with the lightweight finishing spray. Just to keep it in check. And now, I feel professional and appropriate.

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