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Flat to Fun: Ombre Hair Color Makeover

Jorge Luis, senior stylist at Privé Salon in New York City, helped LHJ.com digital director Amanda Wolfe take her hair color from flat to fun with an ombré highlight hair makeover.

Wed, 28 Aug 2013|

My name is Jorge Luis and I'm a senior stylist colorist at Prive Salon in New York and Miami. Today, it was great because your hair was not treated, which is very unusual to get frizz in hair. So, we started with doing some ombre very gradual and slowly. Whole inspirate was that you went to a 2-week vacation to the beach and your hair [unk] lighter. So, that's what we're aiming for and we achieved obviously. And it was a very subtle Contrast, like gradual from that root to a little bit top lighter. And then the cut, we took 2 inches from the length because with this kind of hair, when you have fine hair, you're gonna be very careful not to over layer it because it looks choppy and it doesn't give you the true value of the hair. So, what we did, we're just angling the front using a very, a technique that I call from inside out, not a blunt cut, never with this kind of hair. And we'll share a flowy, nice, natural look.

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