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Relaxer Rehab: My First Professional Hair Relaxer

Ron Williams, national educator for Phytospecific at Phyto Universe in New York City, gave LHJ assistant editor Sonia Harmon her first professional relaxer for a GlossDaily.com hair makeover.

Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

-My name's Marlon Greens. I'm with the National Educator for [unk] Pacific. [unk] Pacific is [unk] curly, wavy and frizzy hair, you want to have a relaxant. The relaxant you get on [unk] and what that basically means is that she doesn't relax the hair completely straight [unk] was to correct any irregularities. I mean, we want it to be smooth, super straight [unk]. so, that's …….and we follow that up with a rich hydration shampoo [unk] with a round brush. If you don't get anything else from [unk] but you have to use [unk]. so, we smooth the hair up and then just gently move the hair over the flat iron an wah-la!

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