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Mandisa's Easy Kickboxing Workout Routine

American Idol finalist Mandisa shows you how to do her easy at-home kickboxing workout routine.

Wed, 9 Oct 2013|

-Hi, I'm Mandy Sa and I have discovered a form of exercise that I love. If you are not used to working out, I want to encourage you to get up on your feet right now because we're gonna do something I call mandyxercise. Don't feel like you have to get every single move because fat cells do not know choreography. So you ready? Let's do it. I want you to march it out. You're basically going to begin a fighter stance. And so, you're gonna do some squats and then you're gonna punch. Start on the right hand side. Punch. Punch. You got it. You got the hand of it now. Get low. Now, you're gonna do the same thing but I want you to punch to the side. Other side. Act like you're punching an enemy right in the face. You're gonna do a change here and watch me first. So this is going to punch up and down, kick. Up, down, kick. Up, down, kick. You got it now. Do it with me, other side. Now here comes a little shimmy move, clap. You got it. Here comes those up, down, kick again. Other side. Now watch this, up, down. Up, down, you got it. keep it going. I see you. Keep moving. Are you ready for the next part? You're going back to the squats and kick. Punch. Punch. Here comes the up, down, kick. Switch sides. Remember the shimmy? Up, down, kick. March it out. Catch your breath here 'cause I want all the energy that you can give me. Breathe it up again. You ready? Here comes up, down, kick. Switch sides right here. Shimmy. Don't give in. You're an overcomer. March it out. Good job.

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