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Mandisa's Easy Dance Workout Routine

American Idol finalist Mandisa shows you how to do her easy at-home dance workout routine.

Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Hi, I'm Mandisa and I have discovered a form of exercise that I love. If you are not used to working out, I want to encourage you to get up on your feet right now because we're gonna do something I call Mandisercise. All right you all, clap it out, the first move is called uh-oh, you gonna step up and down like this. You're gonna put your hands up, two steps to the right, left, keep it going. I want you to feel this in your waist as you twist, twist, twist, that's it. Here comes the push step, right foot out and then you're gonna pose for two and jump for four, back step is this, up, up, down, down, up, up, down, down. You're gonna pivot right foot forward and then cross, uh-oh to the right. You got it, you're ready to try it again? Two steps to the right, here we go. You're doing great, keep it going. Here comes the pivot on your right. Cross, uh-oh to the right. Now I want you to give me eight poses, anything you want. First step on the right, pose for two, jump for four. Alright now, this is your freestyle. You can do whatever you want to, just keep it moving and have a good time. I see you girls, two steps, doesn't matter if your arms are jiggling, their jiggling the fat off, amen? Here comes pivot, right foot. Do it again, up, down. Pivot. Give me a last uh-oh to the right. Now give me one last pose. Good job.

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