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Sneak Peek: The New Diana Movie

Check out this exclusive look at an iconic moment from Diana, which opens November 1. Do you think actress Naomi Watts does the late Princess of Wales justice? Let the water-cooler conversations begin!

Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

-Clear. -I have to do this by myself. If I go with you, it gives them a chance to belittle me. -Okay, just keep to the path, no veering left or right. Clear? -All right. -Good luck. -What's all the fuss? They did this field already? -An office farm worker was killed doing this in the north 3 months ago. -Three weeks ago, that walk would have been impossible. I'd been blown up many times over. Soon, all these land can be farmed again and children can play in the fields. The clearance is a lengthy and hazardous process. Humanity's only defense against land mines is to stop manufacturing. Thank you.

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