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Relaxing Stretching Exercises: Child's Reach Stretch

Stressed? Tired? Want to relax, fast? Blogilates founder and YouTube pilates guru Cassey Ho shows you how to do the child's reach stretch, which will help you relax in just a few minutes.

Tue, 7 Jan 2014|

Hi everyone. Cathy here from Blogilates. Today, I'm gonna show how to do the child's reach. This is great for releasing upper back tension and giving you amazing posture. So go ahead and go into normal child's pose, right here, just right on top of the quad. Now thread the needle underneath yourself and just lay down, okay. Pressing the elbow into the mat, putting the shoulder into The knee, you're really gonna feel that upper back open up. Inhale through the nose. Exhale. You want to hold breath at least 10 seconds, then reach up, repeat on the other side. You should really feel a little bit more loose in that upper back.

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