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Relaxing Stretching Exercises: Cradle Cross Stretch

Stressed? Tired? Want to relax, fast? Blogilates founder and YouTube pilates guru Cassey Ho shows you how to do the cradle cross stretch, which will help you relax in just a few minutes.

Tue, 7 Jan 2014|

Hi everyone, Casey here from Blogilates. Today, we're going to do the Cradle Cross. Now, this move has you lying on your back and you'll be really stretching out your glutes-- I think you're really gonna love it. So, for the Cradle Cross I want you to slowly roll down onto your back. And I want you to bring the knees over each other just like so. Grabbing on to the tops of your feet, I want you to lift up the heels all right? Now, you may already feel a stretch here. If not, go ahead and pull those toes towards your shoulders. You're gonna feel it right there, right on those glutes. Inhale from the nose, exhale, I want you to hold at least 30 seconds on each side then you're gonna switch. Do the same thing and really feel it good.

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