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Relaxing Stretching Exercises: Seated Glute Stretch

Stressed? Tired? Want to relax, fast? Blogilates founder and YouTube pilates guru Cassey Ho shows you how to do the seated glute stretch, which will help you relax in just a few minutes.

Tue, 7 Jan 2014|

Hi, everyone. Cassey here from Blogilates. Today, we are doing the seated glute stretch. If you've been sitting around a lot, or maybe even running around too much and you're not stretching, this is the perfect move for that butt. For the seated glute stretch, I want you to just place the hands behind you, relaxing the shoulders, pressing that chest forward, belly button in. Go ahead and place one of your ankles on top of the opposite knee, and press that knee wide. You can really feel those glute muscles getting stretched-- that stretch that they deserve. And once you're done holding for about 30 seconds on that side, go ahead and switch. Reach for the other side. And if you want a bigger and better stretch, just go ahead and pull that heel in, lift that chest up even more, and press that knee out. And surely, you'll get an amazing stretch.

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