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Relaxing Stretching Exercises: Spine Twister Stretch

Stressed? Tired? Want to relax, fast? Blogilates founder and YouTube pilates guru Cassey Ho shows you how to do the spine twister stretch, which will help you relax in just a few minutes.

Tue, 7 Jan 2014|

Hi, everyone. Cassey here from Blogilates. Today, we're gonna work on the spine twister. This is really gonna open up that back, give you better posture and a lot more flexibility. So, for this move, I want you to bring your legs straight on in front of you, about shoulder-width apart, feet flexed and arms right here as if you're a genie granting a wish. I want you to exhale, reach to the side, really feeling that upper back twist. Inhale. As you reach back up towards the center, exhale to the side. Hold at least 5 seconds. Reach-up sits even tone them than you did before will really give you a good upper back. And I want you to do this 10 times.

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