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How I Lost It: Michelle's Weight-Loss Success Story

How I Lost It: Michelle's Weight Loss Success Story Michelle Funez of Diary Of An Aspiring Loser lost 90 pounds and has kept it off for 1 1/2 years! She shares the weight loss tips that helped her shed those pounds -- and keep them off.

Wed, 5 Feb 2014|

I've lost over 90 pounds and kept it up for a year and a half. My biggest weight loss tip for losing weight is to write down the reasons why you wanna lose weight. Everything from I wanna look good in shorts in the summertime to I wanna feel good as I age, and then read it everyday, especially on the days that you really don't feel like reading it. Read that list everyday to remind yourself and stay motivated during the weight loss process. What's really helped me when I've been struggling is to imagine what my 233-pound self would say to my current self, and if I'm going through a rough spot, she would say, you know what Michelle, you're doing great. You look amazing. You've done wonderful job. Keep it up. Keep going. Don't get down. Don't be hard on yourself so you have a cupcake. Move on. Wake up in the morning and start over. It's like a little pep talk that I can give myself, and it really helps me stay motivated for maintenance.

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