The 1st Annual Do Good Awards: Ladies Who Give Back

By Sonia Harmon, Kate Myers, and Susan Pocharski

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Alicia Keys
Photo by Pauline Von Moltke Pao

Alicia Keys, Singer

Keep a Child Alive

Today there are 16.6 million children living in Africa who have lost their parents to AIDS. Keep a Child Alive provides treatment for children and adults who have AIDS but can't afford lifesaving antiretroviral medicine. We also provide training for nurses and doctors, support local health clinics, and provide care for orphans whose parents have been killed by the disease. I was invited to go to Africa to perform right after my first album came out. At the time I was in my early 20s and I met orphans who were close to my age -- 14, 15 -- and left alone to deal with things they shouldn't have had to deal with. I thought, how can I help? Along with entertainment producer Leigh Blake, I started Keep a Child Alive in 2003. So far we've raised $28 million through innovative fund-raising ideas, like asking people to text "alive" to 90999 during concerts and TV performances. One dollar a day can provide medicine or care to someone affected by AIDS. That's nothing. It's like giving up a Starbucks coffee so that a person can have a chance at life. AIDS is a mirror. A lot of times, people would prefer to act like it's not there. But just like you can't avoid your own reflection for very long, AIDS is something we have to pay attention to. To learn more, visit

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